Guest Lecture: The Nazi and the Communist past: the recent case-law of the European Court of Human Rights

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Faculty of Law and Administration

April 4, 2019
16:30-20:00, room 1.27

Dr Nika Bruskina is a lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the Vilnius University, Lithuania. She is also an Adviser at the Division for the Representation before the European Court of Human Rights, Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania. She was a legal expert in the international project ”International Justice for the Communist Crimes“ (project organised by Platform of European Memory and Conscience, the Czech Republic 2014-2015). Her main fields of research are international human rights protection and transitional justice.


The Nazi and the Communist past: the recent case-law of the European Court of Human Rights

Dr. Nika Bruskina starts the lecture from the overview of the transitional justice measures (e.g., reparations for human rights violations, criminal prosecutions, truth-seeking) as well as the aims of the transitional justice. Thereafter Dr. Nika Bruskina provides an analysis of certain selected recent jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights (hereinafter – the ECtHR) in which the Soviet past and/or the Nazi past was somehow relevant. She begins with the cases wherein the fact of the Soviet occupation of the Baltic States had an impact on the protection of the property rights of the applicants. The lecture proceeds to the analysis of the case-law of the ECtHR connected with the compensation and restoration of property rights to the property of the Nazi and the Communist victims. Next, the other group of the ECtHR cases analyzed during the lecture relates to the legal regulation of Lithuania on criminal responsibility for the genocide against the Lithuanian partisans during the Soviet occupation regime. The paper concludes by the analysis of the recent case-law of the ECtHR wherein the Court examined the freedom of expression, right to the protection of private life and reputation in the context of the Nazi and the Communist past.

A GUEST LECTURE (4 April 2019, 16.30-20.00, room 1.27)

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