Wykład gościnny International cybersecurity understanding and distinguishing among cyberthreats

Do you try to keep you computer, phone, bank details and personal data safe? Do you think you’re doing a pretty good job?

Have you heard of ransomware? Or did you already pay “Petya” (or “NotPetya”) and “Wannacry”?

Want to know more about ransomware, malware or why spam is the biggest contemporary threat to online safety? 

If your answer is “yes”, come and hear Dave speak about cybersecurity.

David Piscitello (“the security skeptic”) is a cybersecurity professional with an impressive career, currently working for ICANN as Vice-President for cybersecurity. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) manages the Internet’s core resources and Dave’s job is to protect it. Come to the Red Hall (Czerwona Aula) on May 10th at 2 PM and Dave will tell you all about it.


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