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About the Faculty

The Faculty of Law and Administration is one of the twelve faculties at the University of Lodz, one of the original three faculties established at the time of the University foundation. Though its tradition goes back a long way its seat is one of the most modern – the Faculty is located in the only §-shaped building in the world! With its four auditoriums, numerous lecture halls and a courtroom, the impressive building has also got great access facilities for disabled students. Take a virtual tour.

We are proud of the building but most of all we are proud of our academic staff and our students. According to a ministry report, by the rate of over 60% when it comes to completing legal apprenticeships, the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Lodz is on the second position among all faculties of law and administration in Poland as well as it is also top of the list in general classification. Within its 29 departments and 7 independent research centers, the Faculty offers education in the field of law, administration, social politics, tax law and accountancy, employment law - personnel and earnings, medical law, doctoral studies in the field of law along with a wide range of postgraduate courses.

The research and teaching activities encompass: constitutional law, administrative law, financial law, public economic law, labor law, tax law, Roman law, theory and philosophy of law, sociology of law, legal and political thought, general history of state and law, history of Polish state and law, private law, private international law, criminal law, civil procedure, criminal procedure, administrative procedure, commercial law, agrarian law, public international law, human rights law, European law.

The Faculty has scholarly specialized resources of great support to students learning and research. Collection of the main library of the Faculty comprises of professional literature covering all major disciplines in the field of law, and to a lesser extent in the field of philosophy, economics and history. The library currently provides access to over 62,000 volumes of books, 9,330 volumes of periodicals, and 200 volumes of special collections. Apart from that, there are also highly specialized libraries at the independent research centers, e.g. the library at the Alexis de Tocqueville Center for Political and Legal Thought includes a collection of Liberty Found Inc. works about individual liberty and free markets, while the Centre of Tax Documentation and Studies, has the Poland's largest specialist library including Polish and foreign literature on tax law and economic aspects of taxation.

The Faculty has nearly 230 permanent academic staff including the most distinguished Polish lawyers, judges of the Supreme Court, judges of the Supreme Administrative Court, judges of the Constitutional Tribunal and the Tribunal of State, members of Polish and international bodies and organizations. Apart from regular study programmes, students here are also very active both within and outside the Faculty. They organize and take part in various conferences, seminars and competitions, with recognizable achievements. They are involved in students' organizations e.g. ELSA (the European Law Students' Association) as well as in research work within students' research societies such as: the Students' Research Society of Tax Law, the Students' Research Society of Criminalistics, Students' Research Society of European Law or Students' Research Society of Civil Law. Furthermore, students have the Student Government Association and students representatives in the Faculty Council. The Legal Clinic, which was established in 2001 as a part of the Faculty of Law and Administration, gives our students a chance to get experience in practicing law while helping the local community by providing free legal aid under supervision of experienced lawyers of the Faculty. Finally, our Career Bureau assists students in planning their future professional development and helps them search for jobs, which is not so difficult as our master's courses are led by distinguished tutors working at the forefront of their disciplines, ensuing that your qualification comes with a reputation that will open doors across the world.

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  • Authorities


    Prof. Monika Bogucka-Felczak

    Vice-Deans for Student Affairs

    Prof. Aneta Kaźmierska-Patrzyczna

    Prof. Joanna Połatyńska

    Ph.D. Paweł Dańczak

    Vice-Dean for International Affairs

    Ph.D. Izabela Skomerska

    Vice-Dean for Research

    Prof. Łuksz Korporowicz

    Vice-Dean for General Affairs

    Ph.D. Katarzyna Koperkiewicz-Mordel


    Supervisor of Ph.D. Studies

    Prof. Mirosław Włodarczyk

    Dean's office

    Head of Dean's office: Zuzanna Adamusik

    email: zadamusik@wpia.uni.lodz.pl


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