Department of Social Security Law and Social Policy


ul. Kopcińskiego 8/12
Łódź 90-232

SEKRETARY'S OFFICE: specialist mgr Beata Miros
email: bmiros@wpia.uni.lodz.pl

tel. 042 635 64 42
fax: 042 665-59-34
Room 3.02 , III floor, building A



Please note that all information concerning the departmental staff (including office hours, exam dates, changes in the course schedule, seminar information) is available on the indvidual pages of staff members.


    The Department of Social Security Law and Social Policy is committed to the study of labour and social security law as well as social policy in a comparative and contextual manner, with a special focus on Polish, European and International law. The Department’s mission is to advance knowledge, of the highest quality, in the area of labour and social security law as well as social policy through research, education, and outreach activities. In September 2017, the Department became an official, and first in Poland, Institutional Member of the Labour Law Research Network (LLRN).

    Courses and seminars offered by the department are interactive and designed to cover some of the main subject areas of the Department’s work. The staff members of the Department currently provide courses and seminars in the following areas:

    • Polish and European social security law
    • Social security system in Poland and in the EU
    • European and Polish Social Policy
    • Social rights
    • Patient’s rights in the social security system
    • Health insurance system
    • Employment law of medical workers
    • Sickness and health insurance
    • Pension insurance
    • Polish and international system of data protection
    • Protection of medical data
    • Polish labour law.

    Principal area of expertise of staff members of the Department of Social Security Law and Social Policy lies in Polish, European and International Labour and Social Security Law as well as Social Policy.We invite you to visit the individual pages of staff members to gain a better insight into their principal research interests as well as their current research projects.

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