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The Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Lodz is located in §-shaped modern state-of-art building housing four auditoriums, numerous lecture halls a courtroom and many facilities that make studying here pleasant and convenient.

Access for disabled students

The impressive building, with its ramp entrances, elevators, wide doors, wide halls and corridors along with lack of thresholds is easily accessible for disabled students.

Wireless internet access

Wireless access is available in auditoriums, the Main Lounge opposite the entrance and in the computer room at the Faculty library .

To get access to the wireless internet please contact helpdesk@wpia.uni.lodz.pl and get an appointment with one of our IT specialists.

Law Library of the Faculty

The Library of the Faculty of Law and Administration is conveniently located just to the left of the main entrance to the Faculty building. 

Computer room

The computer room is available to all members of the University. Conveniently located at the Law Library of the Faculty. It contains:

  • 14 PC workstations
  • laptop plug-in points
  • wireless access
  • pre-paid card printing facilities

Pre-paid OCR, printing, copying and scanning (incl. sending to Kindle)

There is a printer in the computer room and a photocopier/scanner in the library of the Faculty. The both facilities operate on self-service bases and the charge is taken off your www.Pay-Print.eu account or through your smartphone app. (payment via dotpay).






20 copies

5 copies

20 PLN

100 copies

25 copies

50 PLN

260 copies

65 copies

100 PLN

550 copies

132 copies

This system is valid at the Faculty. Photocopy Store behind the Security Desk is in charge of these facilities.

Photocopy Store

There is a Photocopy Store in B 0.30 at the back of key-keepers point by the entrance to the Faculty building .The store offers

  • Photocopying
  • Biding
  • Printing from data storage media such as USB pen drives or CDs
  • Photo-printing from data storage media

Cash and debit cards are accepted. Pre-paid cards can only be used in the computer room and the Faculty Library.


The Kiosk is located just next to the Photocopy Store. Newspapers, refreshments, cigarettes, mobile top-ups, tickets, toiletries and other medical goods, stationery articles, etc. can be purchased here. Only cash is accepted.


Mingle with friends over a healthy square meal in the Cafeteria. It is located in the main lounge area opposite to the main entrance to the Faculty building. It offers light snacks, soft drinks, tea, coffee, sandwiches as well as traditional Polish lunches of soup, main course and dessert, which can also be served separately. Only cash is accepted.

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