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For help with any questions please contact biblioteka@wpia.uni.lodz.pl.

  • Basic Information

    A whole system of libraries is available to support your learning and research process at the University of Lodz. It consists of the Main Library, 10 specialized libraries at various faculties, as well as an American Corner Library and a British Council Library. All within one single university library system. The most important for you are the Main Library and the Law Library at the Faculty of Law and Administration.

    The Main Library (BUŁ) is an interdisciplinary institution holding over 2 million volumes of books, magazines and special collections related to all disciplines of science as well as offering page-turner novels. It is easily accessible to students of the University as it is located within academic campus on Matejki street . It consists of a lending library and four reading rooms, including an Open Access Area with PC workstations. PC workstations provide printing facilities, copying to USB pen-drives and internet sessions for logged-in users, who already have a student library card and a library internet account.

    Read more at Terms and Conditions Of the Main Library 

    The specialized Library of the Faculty of Law and Administration comprises professional literature covering major areas in the field of law, and to a lesser extent in the field of philosophy, economics, history and foreign language learning materials such as law dictionaries. The library currently provides access to over 62,000 volumes of books, 9,330 volumes of periodicals, and 200 volumes of special collections, including e.g. foreign law journals. Collections are made available to students of the Faculty as well as to researchers and administrative workers. Persons from outside can use the library resources only on the spot.

    Students are welcomed to use the university libraries resources . It is easy and it can be done in 3 different ways. Please check what is most convenience for you!

  • Open Access Reading Rooms

    You do not even need a library card to go and use the Open Access reading room at your Faculty Library. The Library of the Faculty of Law and Administration is conveniently located just to the left of the main entrance to the Faculty building. If you have a bag with you, take a key from the library desk and leave your bag in a locker by the entrance to the library. You will find a computer room on your left and a catalogue room on you right hand side. Remember you are always welcomed to ask a librarian for assistance. A librarian may also help you find what you are looking for.

    If you search in the on-line catalogue, remember: the Faculty Law Library operates within a single homogenous internet library system of the University of Lodz, which is managed by the University Main Library. Thus, you always need to check at which library the publication is available e.g. at the Main Library (BU) or at the Faculty Law Library (ZBWP). If you are not certain please ask the librarian.

    There is a self-service photocopier here available to library users.

  • Lending Library

    Magazines, journals, newspapers and some books are available in library reading rooms only but most of the books can also be borrowed to use at home. If you want to borrow a book you need to:

    • find it in an on-line catalogue 
    • check in which library the publication is available: the Main Library (BU) or the Faculty Law Library (ZBWP)
    • order the book by clicking on "Request"
    • pick the publication up from the relevant library

    Remember you need to collect the books you have ordered. If you don't , it may result in the revocation of your library privileges.

  • A manual of how to get a library card

    Go to the Main Library  with your passport and your students card, sign a declaration and a librarian will give you your library number and will register your student I.D. as your valid library card. PLEASE SAVE YOUR LIBRARY NUMBER E.G. IN YUOR MOBILE. You will need it to use on-line resources such as e-books , to order a publication from the lending library or to use internet in the Open Access Area. To do the latter you need to open your library internet account.

  • A manual of how to open a library internet account

    At registering your library card, the librarian will also open a library internet account for you. Your login is your library number. Your startup password will be the last four digits of the same number. You can change your password as soon as you login for the first time.

    The library internet account is crucial, it is the key to unlock a world of on-line information and educational recourses available to you whenever and where ever you login to the library website.

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