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dr Izabela Florczak

Izabela Florczak Izabela Florczak


Room: 3.72
Office hours: Tuesday 12-14 (link below). [due to the vacation season, please inquire about availability in advance by email]

Phone: 42 6356374
  • Bio

    Office hours - Microsoft Teams

    • Izabela Florczak graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Lodz in 2011. She completed her doctoral dissertation, Legal status of people working on the basis of atypical contractual employment, under the guidance of prof. Mirosław Włodarczyk in the Department of Labour Law (University of Lodz) in 2016.
    • Since October 2016 she has been Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Security Law and Social Policy, from 2018 at the Department of Labour Law, Institute of Social Security Law and Social Policy.
    • During doctoral studies, in 2015 received Rector's Award for Outstanding Work for the Benefit of the University of Lodz. Between  2012 and 2016 a laureate of seven prizes for the best doctoral students and ten doctoral scholarships. During this period, a member of the Faculty Council of the PhD Students Board and a representative of doctoral students in the Faculty Board.
    • Since 2016 legal adviser; Member of International Lawyers Assisting Workers Network (ILAWN) and European Lawyers Network for Workers (ELW).
    • Member of Polish Social Insurance Association.
    • Since 2016 Izabela has been Students` Disciplinary Spokesman at the University of Lodz.
    • In 2012 she co-founded Labor Law Education Society (LLES), which unites Central and Eastern European researchers working in labour law. She has been Executive Director of LLES since 2014.
    • Member of the Coordinating Committee of the Polish Scientific Network of Labour Law and Social Security Cooperante.
    • Member of the AI Work Team - The research team for conducting studies on the consequences of the development of artificial intelligence and other modern technologies for the labour market, labour law and social insurance.
    • Vice Director of the Centre of Migration Studies of the University of Lodz.
    • Member of the Management Committee of the Centre for Comparative Labour Law and Social Security.
    • Member of Editorial Board of Italian Labour Law Journal
    • Member of Editorial Board of Hungarian Labour Law E-Journal
    • Member of The International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA)
    • Member of Steering Committee of Labour Law Research Network.
    • Associate of the Research Section on Immigration to Poland of the Committee on Migration Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Expert working with the Migration Analysis Centre at the Office for Foreigners.
    • Chief of the implemented in the academic year 2017/2018 from the European Social Fund under the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development, Sub-measure 3.1 of the project „DOBRY STAŻ – DOBRY START. Profilowane programy stażowe dla studentów WPIA UŁ”  (budget PLN 2 427 360, 77). From 2019 Tutor for the law students in the Students` Power project - internship module.
    • Chief of projects Status prawny osób świadczących pracę w ramach umownego zatrudnienia nietypowego (Legal status of people working on the basis of atypical contractual employment) [B1511900001110.02]; Systemy zabezpieczenia społecznego na świecie (Social security systems in the world) [B1611900001472.02]; Współczesne wyzwania zabezpieczenia społecznego (Social security challenges)[B1711900001691.02; B1711900001770.02] awarded for young researchers by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
    • A member of the Organizing Committee of cyclical conferences Wrześniowe Spotkania z Prawem Pracy (Septembers meetings with labour law). Co-organizer of many national and international scientific conferences, also LLRN5 Poland.
    • Speaker at over twenty scientific conferences, of which half are international conferences [including Frankfurt / Main (2015), Toronto (2017), Christchurch (2017), Modena (2018), Seoul (2018), Valparaiso (2019)].
    • In November 2017, she held scientific meetings at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), the Graduate School of Business and Law (Melbourne, Australia); Center for Employment and Labor Relations Law, Melbourne University (Melbourne, Australia) and University of Canterbury, School of Law (Christchurch, New Zealand).
    • In June 2019 Lecturer at The Global and European Labour Law Summer School (University of Leiden).
    • Chief of one of the sections implementing the international scientific project “Fairness, freedom and Industrial Relations across Europe: UP AND DOWN THE MEAT VALUE CHAIN (MEAT.UP.FFIRE)” financed by the European Commission under application VP / 2017/004/0035 (2018-2020); researcher in the project financed by the European Commission under application VS/2019/0081 “Irel- Smarter Industrial relations to address new technological challenges in the world of work-  iREL" (2019-2021); Chief of one of the sections in the project financed by the European Commission under application VS/2021/0188 Varieties of Indutrial Relations in Aviation Lockdown - VIRAL (2021-2023)
    • Researcher in international projects in the scope of (1) developing a report on the degree of use of modern technologies at work in Polish agriculture (2019); (2) compiling a report on the working conditions of Nepalese citizens in Poland (2020); (3) developing a report on the degree of implementation of regulations on economic migration into the Polish legal order - the so-called trade commitment migration (2020).
    • Reviewers of journals: Studia z Zakresu Prawa Pracy i Polityki Społecznej; Praca i Zabezpieczenie Społeczne; Ubezpieczenia Społeczne. Teoria i Praktyka; Z Problematyki Prawa Pracy i Polityki Socjalnej; Bibliotheca Nostra; Przegląd Prawniczy UW; Kortowski Przegląd Prawniczy.
    • The author of the program of Sąd w Bajkogrodzie (Court in the Wonderland) conducted at the Faculty of Law and Administration for Primary School Pupils.
    • ORCID iD 0000-0003-3167-3382.


    • new forms of employment
    • basis of employment
    • temporary agency work
    • equality in social security


  • Manuals, scripts

    1. Regulaminy (Rozdział V punkt 4); Podmioty objęte regulacjami o charakterze statutowym (Rozdział V, punkt 5); Ochrona rodzicielstwa (Rozdział XXI); Zatrudnienie i ochrona pracy młodocianych i dzieci (Rozdział XXII); Inspekcja pracy (Rozdział XXXI); [w:] Prawo pracy w diagramch; J. Czerniak-Swędzioł, M. Lekston (red.); Warszawa 2020; s. 52-61; 197-210; 257-259, 2020, Wolters Kluwer
    2. Regulaminy (Rozdział V punkt 4); Podmioty objęte regulacjami o charakterze statutowym (Rozdział V, punkt 5); Ochrona rodzicielstwa (Rozdział XXI); Zatrudnienie i ochrona pracy młodocianych i dzieci (Rozdział XXII); Inspekcja pracy (Rozdział XXXI); [w:] Prawo pracy. Diagramy; K.W.Baran; D. Dörre-Kolasa (red.); Warszawa 2016; s. 55-60; 191-210; 254-257;, 2016, https://www.profinfo.pl/prawo-pracy-i-ubezpieczen-spolecznych/prawo-pracy/p,prawo-pracy-diagramy,357930.html

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