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Faculty international office

Marta Mucha
room: 2.11
office-hours: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 09:00-13:00
No office hours on Wednesdays
e-mail: international.office@wpia.uni.lodz.pl

All courses are available for incoming foreign students and for Polish students. The ECTS number indicated below concerns only the incoming foreign students participating in exchange programmes (e.g. Erasmus).

All students, including foreign students, have to register for the courses of their choice. If the foreign Erasmus students are not able to do it via the on-line registration system (USOS), they should just inform the Faculty Erasmus or ECTS coordinators about their choice of courses (by most convenient means, e.g. e-mail), and their registration will be completed by the Dean's Office. They have to have their Learning Agreements containing their study programme signed by the ECTS Coordinator anyway.

To start the course in a form of a lecture a group of at least 6 students is required; otherwise the course may be given just for 2 or 3 foreign students in form of a tutorial (with the same ECTS value, under particular conditions set by the lecturer in cooperation with the Faculty Socrates/Erasmus Coordinator).

Additional ECTS credits may be awarded after completion of additional requirements (e.g. writing an essay on a topic within the scope of the course) - possible to set out on individual basis, depending on the student's needs and interests.

In case of any questions or doubts contact the Faculty Erasmus or ECTS Coordinators (contact details below).

Academic year calendar


Course catalogue


  • Special offer - winter and summer semester

    These courses are based on special conditions, other than the regular courses. They are also open to postgraduate participants. Participation fees may be required. For more information check the website or contact the course coordinator.

    School of German Law

    lectures on German Law, regular meetings in 2-years cycle in the form of intensive courses; German; lectures of the University of Münster, coordinator - professor Anna Pikulska, assistant coordinator - dr Dagmara Skrzywanek-Jaworska, M.A. (Department of Roman Law)
    Two-year course of German law, covering the basics of public, private and criminal law, held by the Professors of the University of Münster; successful participants obtain diplomas issued jointly by the University of Lodz and University of Münster.

    School of French Law 

    lectures on French, regular meetings in 2-years cycle in the form of intensive courses; French; lecturers of the University of Tours, coordinator - professor Małgorzta Pyziak-Szafnicka (Department of Civil Law)
    Two-years course of French law, covering public and private law issues, lectured by the Professors of the University Francois Rabelais Tours; successful participants obtain the diplomas issued jointly by University Lodz and Francois Rabelais University Tours.

    webpage: http://www.spf.uni.lodz.pl/

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