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For incoming students

  • Where to go?

    You can go to your dormitory straight after your arrival in Lodz. The reception desk at dormitories at the University of Lodz Campus is open 24 hours 7 days a week and it holds the list of all incoming foreign students. Below you will find a practical guide of what you need to do next.

    • Visiting International Student Office would be your first crucial step. Do it within the 2-3 days after your arrival. Please remember to take necessary documents with you such as originals and photocopies of your passport and medical insurance, etc. All the documents are clearly listed in the e-mail letter sent to you by International Student Office prior to your arrival. Furthermore, the Office informs you about an Orientation Meeting for incoming mobility students participating in programmes such as Erasmus+ or Mobility Direct. To read more at the International Students Office website 
    • Then go to the International Office of the Faculty of Law and Administration to get the timetable of law courses in foreign languages and arrange changes to your learning agreement if needed. Changes to learning agreement can only be made in the first three weeks after the start of the semester. The precise deadline for changes to learning agreement is always given on the Orientation Meeting. You can download the changes to learning agreement forms here.
    • When your changes to learning agreement is complete and signed you need to deliver it to the Dean's Office in B 2.40. It is where you pick up your student I.D. card too. Your student card will be ready two weeks after you pay the student card fee. Remember that your student I.D. entitles you to student discount on city buses and trams, however, you must use full charge tickets until you materially receive your student card. (For those who want to avoid paying the full charge during these two weeks there is a possibility of receiving a confirmation letter to certify that you are a student of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Lodz. Please contact the International Student Coordinator at your Faculty for more details).
    • To get access to wireless internet on the premises of the Faculty of Law and Administration building please make an appointment with one of the IT Specialist of the Faculty by contacting helpdesk@wpia.uni.lodz.pl
    • You are also most welcomed to use facilities of the Faculty such as Law Library, computer room, cafeteria, etc.
    • If you are interested in participating in physical education classes ask the International Student Coordinator at your Faculty for assistance.

    The International Student Coordinator at your Faculty may also help you with any communication obstacles of any nature that you may have with your teachers.

    The International Student Coordinator at your Faculty may be very helpful indeed, however, it is just one person for all the international students of the Faculty. Besides, each Erasmus or Mobility Direct student gets a mentor / buddy from ESN. The mentors are fellow Polish students that agree to welcome incoming students and help them get settled by offering guidance, advice, support, translations, etc. It proves to be of great support especially in the first few weeks, which are known to be the hardest for any foreign student, facing a different country, language, new habits and so on. That's what mentors are for! You will get the information on your mentor via e-mail.

    If you have any questions please contact the International Office of the Faculty of Law and Administration at international.office@wpia.uni.lodz.pl


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