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For more information on studying at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Law please contact International Office of the Faculty at international.office@wpia.uni.lodz.pl
For international student enrollment please contact International Student Office of the University of Lodz at iso@uni.lodz.pl

You need to know that times when graduation from any university guaranteed employment are over, therefore you should choose carefully. Academics of the University of Lodz think about your future as seriously as you do.

The University of Lodz

The University of Lodz is one of the largest and most prestigious institutions of high education in Poland. It was established in 1945 and over last nearly 70 years the three original faculties have developed into the now twelve faculties that provide professionally conducted courses in 75 fields of study and 196 specializations. This wide variety lets young people successfully enhance their interests and knowledge. Due to its popularity, the University of Lodz has now over 40000 students and over 2500 academic teachers. Furthermore, it is also ranked among the most cosmopolitan ones. The University enjoys cooperation with over 300 partner universities in more than 30 countries. To enable easier international student exchange, the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) is in use for more convenient academic transcript. Our most popular international students exchange programme is Erasmus. Besides, the University coordinates exchange programme called Mobility Direct, which allows a tuition-free semester for all students from a partner institution anywhere in the world.

University resources

The University boasts the oldest and most recognized School of Polish for Foreigners that has educated over 22 000 students since 1952. It runs 1-month, 5-month and 9-month courses which prepare foreign students for future studying in Poland. The Main Library is one of the biggest and most up to date academic libraries in the country. At present, its total collection amounts up to 3 million volumes. The University Campus offers modern rooms within walking distance from most faculties. The University provides access to a recently built Sports Center. Apart from abundant opportunities for social life (countless pubs, cafes, festivals, cinemas, etc.), students can join about 120 societies, scientific clubs, associations and other academic organizations. All that in Lodz – the third biggest city in Poland!

Faculty of Law and Administration

As one of the leading law schools in our country, the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Lodz introduces measures to ensure the high quality of education and strives for its graduates to meet needs and expectations of the present-day labor market. All courses are available for both Polish and incoming foreign students. Polish is the official language of instruction at the University of Lodz. At the Faculty of Law and Administration there are also some courses in foreign languages available.

You may benefit greatly from studying at the University of Lodz. Choose wisely – join us!

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