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acronym: COMPASS  

'Labour law is a law under development and dynamic changes' - Wacław Szubert. 

<< Labour law dynamics >> The special features of labour law, especially the dynamism of the development of this legal field, mean that in the era of socio-economic changes more efforts must be undertaken to meet the new challenges of the modern world of work;

<< Comparative legal research >> Legal comparative studies are one of the leading research methods used in the international scientific projects; comparative legal research not only contributes to the internationalization of research results and the enhacement of the international cooperation, but also through the use of a wide range of legal institutions leads to the pursuit of legal solutions of a model character;

<< Internationalization of science >> The challenges faced by current labour law have a transnational dimension, hence the search for appropriate directions for solving current problems on the international forum is of significant importance for the development of labour law and research;

<< Interdisciplinarity of research >> The special features of labour law include interdisciplinary links of this legal field with other branches of science, which allows conducting scientific research at various levels, as well as comprehensive and profound analysis of issues;

<< Solving key socio-economic problems >> Comparative legal research, as well as experience of other countries are used in the process of seeking answers to current challenges in the world of work and have a clear impact on the broadly understood socio-economic environment 

The aims and priorities of the Centre:

  1. Conducting the international, comparative and interdisciplinary research projects;
  2. Internationalisation of the science and the scientific research results provided by Polish and foreign scientists according to conducted research projects and scientific contributions;
  3. Strengthening of the international scientific cooperation and integration with the social partners and social-economic environment by expanding the  scope of research and promoting/ developing the dialog between scientific and economic surroundings.


  • acquisition and implementation of research grants,
  • deepening and realization of interdisciplinary scientific cooperation,
  • creation of platforms and research networks to foster international scientific cooperation,
  • dissemination and sharing of knowledge through the preparation of scientific publications,
  • organization of international scientific projects in order to exchange knowledge and experiences of representatives of the scientific communities in the form of:

- seminars, summer and winter schools,
- guest lectures,
- conferences and international congresses;

  • provision of legal assistance, preparation of legal opinions and expertises,
  • education and the provision of training in the field of broadly understood aspects of work performance.

Current areas of research activity

Current research topics:

  • Decent work in the era of challenges of a global world
  • Determinants of sustainable social development

Scientific events

Scientific research projects – DIALOG – under preparation

Expertises and legal opinions

Internships and scientific exchange


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