Centre for the Theory and Philosophy of Human Rights


Faculty of Law and Administration
Address: 8/12 Kopcińskiego St. 90-232 Łódź

  • about Us


    The Center for the Theory and Philosophy of Human Rights was established on the 14th of December, 2012 on the initiative of the Institute of the Theory and Philosophy of Law at the University of Lodz in Poland. Lodz is the second largest city in Poland.

    The primary aim of the Center is to work on projects focusing on the better application of the theory and philosophy of human rights in European and international capacity development practice as well as with regard to interpretation of human rights internationally and within national legal systems. We wish to develop networks/pilot projects that originate in both Visegrad Group countries and in the Nordic region - also initially reaching out to, among others, countries like Turkey and Belarus.

  • Faculty


    The Center is formally registered under the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Lodz in Poland. It currently has the following members of staff:

    Prof. Bartosz Wojciechowski, University of Lodz, Poland, Director
    Dr hab. Anna Maria Andersen Nawrot, Lund, Sweden, Deputy Director
    Dr Joanna Jemielniak, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
    Dr Joanna Kielin – Maziarz, Leon Kozminski Academy, Warsaw, Poland
    Dr hab. Karolina M. Cern, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland, Scientific Secretary
    Dr  hab. Tomasz Bekrycht, University of Lodz, Poland

    Scientific and Advisory Board

    Prof. Marek Zirk – Sadowski (Lodz University, Poland)

    Prof. Gudmundur Alfredsson (University of Strasbourg, France)
    Prof. Seyla Benhabib (Yale University, USA)
    Prof. Marcia Nina Bernardes (Center for Human Rights, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil iTulane Law School, New Orlean, USA)
    Prof. Nils A. Butenschön (Director of the Norwegian Center for Human Rights, University of Oslo, Norway)
    Prof. Jacek Chlebny (University of Lodz)
    Prof. Adam Czarnota (University of New South Wales, Australia)
    Prof. Christian Dahlman (Lund University, Sweden)
    Prof. John Gardner (Oxford University, Great Britain)
    Dr. Jack B. Hamlin (National University San Diego, California, USA)
    Prof. Lena Halldenius (Head of the Division of Human Rights Studies, Lund University, Sweden)
    Prof. Frederick Harhoff (University of Southern Denmark in Odense, Denmark)
    Prof. Roman Hauser (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland)
    Prof. Andrzej M. Kaniowski (Lodz University, Poland)
    Prof. Jan Klabbers (Director of the Centre of Excellence in Global Governance Research, University of Helsinki, Finland)
    Prof. Timo Koivurova, Director of the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority LawArctic Centre, University of Lapland, Finland
    Prof. Martin Krygier (University of New South Wales, Australia)
    Prof. Stefan Larsson (Lund University, Sweden)
    Prof. Ulf Linderfalk (Lund University, Sweden)
    Prof. Jose Manuel ArosoLinhares (Coimbra University, Portugal)
    Prof. Georg Lohmann (University of Magdeburg, Germany)
    Dr. Nina – Louisa Lorenz Arold (Germany)
    Prof. Joanna Marszałek - Kawa (Mikolaj Kopernik University of Torun, Poland)
    Prof. Anna Młynarska – Sobaczewska (LodzUniversity, Poland)
    Prof. Ulfried Neumann (J. W. Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany)
    Prof. Ewa Nowak (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland)
    Prof. Henrik Palmer Olsen (University of Copenhaga, Denmark)
    Prof. Beata Polanowska – Sygulska (JagiellonianUniversity, Poland)
    Prof. RadimPolcak (Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic)
    Prof. Frank S. Ravitch (Michigan State University, USA)
    Prof. Lea Bishop Shaver (Indiana University, USA)
    Prof. Janusz Trzciński (University of Wroclaw, Poland)
    Dr. Victor Tsilonis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)
    Prof. Elaine Unterhalter (University of London, Great Britain)
    Prof. Gülriz Uygur (Ankara University, Turkey)
    Prof. Antal Visegrady (University of Pecsu, Hungary)
    Prof. Anne Wagner (Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale (France), China University of Political Science and Law (Beijing - China)
    Prof. Barbara Weber (University of Regensburg, Germany and University of Vancouver, Canada)
    Prof. Jerzy Zajadło (University of Gdansk, Poland)


  • projects

    Preparatory Meetings on the Development of a Program on the Theory and Philosophy of Human Rights for the Ankara University

    Funded by the Swedish General Consulate in Istanbul
    During the period 1 September – 31 December, 2013

    Short Summary of Project

    In 2013, a grant was received from the Swedish General Consulate in Istanbul for the development of a program on the theory and philosophy of human rights for the Ankara University. The project, which was managed by Cenher Lund, was implemented during the period 1 September to 31 December, 2013. It included the organization of two expert meetings, one in Lund, Sweden and one in Ankara, Turkey, which were dedicated to discussing the structure and content of a program proposal. In December, 2013, a proposal for a three year assistance program was presented on the development of the capacity of the Ankara University to provide education in the area of the theory and philosophy of human rights and its practical application with regard to the process of harmonization of Turkish law and legal practicewith the common European legal culture.

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